Helping you bring your vision to life

We work primarily with rural communities within and around Silverton and Salem Oregon.

Our Services

Design Assistance

It all starts with the design. We’ll sit and listen to your ideas and needs and bring them into physical form. Using digital software, and occasional hand sketching, we’ll give your idea shape so you can be sure we understand exactly what you need. Only when you are satisfied do we move on to the next stage. 

Construction Document Generation

Or, what were once called, “blueprints”. Quality construction documents are the key to a successful project. A quality set of drawings can reduce permitting challenges, keep construction costs in check, and help ensure you get the final product you’ve been dreaming of. 

Assistance With City or County Requirements

Construction projects can be stressful and the red tape involved can be confusing – even if you have prior experience. Understanding zoning requirements and submitting your project for permit can be overwhelming tasks. So why not let us do that for you? Let Percipient use our years of experience to make communication smooth as silk so you’ll be informed at every step. 

Sustainable Strategies

No matter your level of interest in sustainable strategies, Percipient can help incorporate them into your project. Whether you’re more focused on passive strategies (like extra insulation) or active strategies (like photovoltaic solar panels), we can help you select the strategies that are right for you and your project.

Coordinate Efforts

Bringing your idea to life typically requires help from people across different industries, including but not limited to engineers, city officials, and contractors. Keeping track of it all can be challenging and, if not done right, can slow progress or cause unneeded headaches. At Percipient, we pride ourselves on maintaining healthy relationships across our industry so our coordination efforts are successful, and we can spend more time focusing on you and your vision.